Maintenance Assessment Fees

Maintenance fees are paid monthly and are due on the first of each month. Amounts vary from $ 344.00  to $516.00  depending on Condo unit size.  Fees include Water, Sewer, Trash, Elevator, Common elements/area maintenance, Basic Cable, Gym, Heated Pool, Sauna.

Business Operations and Functions of the Condominium

This information is found in all the “Condo Docs” which include the Declaration of Condominium, By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation and the Rules and Regulations of Imperial Towers Condominium Inc.

Mandatoy Memberships

Mandatory Recreation Fees which include access to the Pool, Sauna and Gym are included in the monthly maintenace fees.

Note: There is no Master Association.

Unit Leasing Restrictions

New owners may not lease their units until one full year from ownership date. Only after that, owners can lease the unit for a minimum of 3 months (90 days) and only Once A Year. Any violations to leasing restrictions are subject to fines, loss of privileges and legal action by Association.

Sub-Leasing Restrictons

Sub-leasing is not allowed by Tenants/Lessees without prior Association approval. 

Estoppel Letters

Estoppel Letter requests should be sent to:


  Guests may visit and stay only when the legal owner is physically present in your unit. Only immediate family members who are registered with the Condo office can stay in the unit if the registered owner is not in the unit. (Immediate family members who have been registered with the association office and listed in the authorization to use apartment form). Extended family members & friends are forbidden to stay in the unit if owner is not staying with them.    

Voting Rights

The Owner(s) of a unit become members of the Association and have one (1) vote collectively, no matter how many owners are on the Deed.


There is currently no litigation with a liability over $10,000 where the Association is a party.


Each Unit has one assigned parking spot. Guest spots are for guests only and are located on the north and south side of both buildings. Residents require a sticker and guests require a guest pass from the Resident they are visiting. The pass is to be hung from the car mirror.

No Pets Allowed

No pets are allowed. 

Comfort animals must be vetted by and registered with the Association and must have all their papers and vaccinations. Annual renewals of any paperwork is the duty of the resident to provide to the Association. Any nuisance by pets will be expeditiously addressed by the Board.

Lock Boxes

All owners are to advise their real estate agents not to attach lock boxes to any surface inside or outside the buildings. This includes the chain link fence. An area next to the office has being prepared for lock boxes to be hung. Each lock box owner shall register his/her lock box with the office, or it will be discarded.